CLOT x Disney x 3125c Collaborative T-shirt And The Chengdu "Mickey: True Original & Ever Curious" Exhibit

CLOT x Disney x 3125c Collaborative T-shirt And The Chengdu "Mickey: True Original & Ever Curious" Exhibit

Currently featured in Chengdu, the "Mickey: True Original & Ever Curious" exhibit first began in New York and has since offered an immersive selection of different artists curated from the East and West, showing their own creative interpretation of the beloved character. The exhibition was designed to start discussion on Disney's, more specifically Mickey Mouse's, place within the global art scene - whether it be through old childhood nostalgia or new appreciation found in adulthood, there is without a doubt some form of reference or inspiration found within the long-standing animation house's most famous character, Mickey.

In line with this most recent exhibition and the ever-enduring fruitful relationship CLOT has had with Disney, along with creative agency 3125c, the three have come together to curate a thought-out selection of apparel under the CLOT x Disney x 3125c collaborative moniker. The pieces range from t-shirts to accessories, all imprinted with CLOT's Creative Director Edison Chen's very own original interpretation of the beloved character, becoming what we know now as the 3-Eyed Mickey. The design has references to an upbringing that has been infused with childhood cartoon reminiscence, driven from a passion for '90s basketball culture and a permanent love for old-school hip-hop.

CLOT's long-standing partnership has spanned many years, having had previous collaborative efforts since the late 2000's with for example the Disney x CLOT 6th Anniversary T-Shirts; the two creative houses started really hitting its stride in 2011 with the first ever feature of the 3-Eyed Mickey in sculpture form at the Taipei Toy Festival. The craze and reputation of the 3-Eyed Mickey began more collaborative efforts to expand creativity within Asia every year after, with many interations of the piece within different sculptures and creative mediums. Read here for more information on the history behind CLOT & Disney's partnership and what they entailed.

Take a look below for the three way collaborative effort between CLOT x Disney x 3125c for the "Mickey: True Original & Ever Curious" exhibition, featuring an extremely limited t-shirt run featuring the 3-Eyed Mickey, now exclusively available at select JUICE locations and online. Get 'em while you can!



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