CLOT x MEDICOM TOY: A History of Collaborative BE@RBRICKs

CLOT x MEDICOM TOY: A History of Collaborative BE@RBRICKs

Following the release of the "BLACK SILK" 1000% BE@RBRICK and "ROYALE UNIVERSITY BLUE SILK" 400% + 100% BE@RBRICK, we take a look back at the long history between Japanese specialty collectible maker MEDICOM TOY and CLOT. A partnership spanning over 15 years, the first collaborative effort between CLOT and MEDICOM TOY started back in 2004 and has since seen dozens of highly-sought after BE@RBRICKs celebrating both CLOT and JUICE's legacies. 

Founded in 1996, MEDICOM TOY's BE@RBRICK figure has become an iconic symbol in both the art and fashion worlds, regarded as an "art toy" or design collectible, the bear-like figure has been involved in some of CLOT's most iconic moments - from the SILK ROYALE figures to the Exotic Fruit Collection.

We go back in time to take a look at some of CLOT and JUICE's most iconic BE@RBRICKs, celebrating our longtime partnership with MEDICOM TOY.  

2004 - CLOT x Pepsi BE@RBRICK Pack

2006 - CLOT "SO...Hi!!" BE@RBRICK for JUICE 2nd Anniversary

2006 - CLOT x PEPSI Twist "Boyz and Girlz" BE@RBRICK Set

2006 - CLOT x EA SPORTS "Glow In The Dark" BE@RBRICK

2007 - CLOT x Pepsi 100% BE@RBRICK Pack

2007 - CLOT x Levi's "Watermelon and Strawberry" 400% + 100% BE@RBRICK 

Originally released as a 400% size and a part of Levi's x MEDICOM TOY Artist Series, the design concept was based on CLOT co-founder Edison Chen's favorite fruits - watermelon and strawberry. This collaboration was so popular it spawned a reissue in the 1000% size and a whole collection of fruit-inspired BE@RBRICKs between CLOT and MEDICOM TOY

2010 - CLOT "CHRISTMAS SILK" 400% + 100% BE@RBRICK

Released for the holiday season, the two BE@RBRICKs bore CLOT's famous Silk Royale print for the first time ever. The white version was reserved for Friends & Family, while the Black version was available publicly. 

2010: CLOT "Exotic Fruits" 400% + 100% BE@RBRICKS,  2011: "Melon" AND "Pineapple" 1000% BE@RBRICK

Following the popular "Watermelon" and "Strawberry" BE@RBRICKs, the Exotic Fruits pack came, inspired by melon, mangosteen, dragonfruit and pineapple.

2011 - CLOT "Three Eyed Mickey" 400% + 100%, 1000% BE@RBRICK

One of the most iconic CLOT BE@RBRICKS, the "THREE EYED MICKEY" is based on the remixed depiction of the iconic Disney character created by CLOT, Disney and MINDstyle. The BE@RBRICK version remains one of the most highly-sought after CLOT x MEDICOM TOY collectibles. 

2014: CLOT "Valentine's Day" 400% + 100% BE@RBRICK

Another boy and girl version pack, the "VALENTINE'S DAY" BE@RBRICK takes inspiration from traditional Chinese marriage outfits mixed with hints of CLOT's Silk Royale. 

2014: CLOT "Polar" BE@RBRICK

Following MEDICOM TOY's BE@RBRICK Worldwide Tour in Shanghai, Edison Chen designed the "POLAR" BE@RBRICK featuring a hand-drawn face and the words "I'm Cold" on its legs. The BE@RBRICK was then made in a Black and Red version. 

2018: CLOT "The Monkey" 400% BE@RBRICK

Holding a "Monkey Art Exhibition" in Beijing, Edison Chen created "The Monkey" 400% BE@RBRICK accompanied with an apparel collection. Featuring CLOT logos on its cheeks, "The Monkey" is also one of CLOT's most iconic BE@RBRICKs. 

2018 - CLOT "Flocked" 100% BE@RBRICK

2020: CLOT x NIKE "Royale University Blue Silk" 400% + 100% BE@RBRICK



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