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Deciphering Ancient Codes - CLOT "TROPICAL PYRAMIDS" Spring/Summer 2020

Deciphering Ancient Codes - CLOT "TROPICAL PYRAMIDS" Spring/Summer 2020

CLOT's tenth and final release from its ongoing Spring/Summer 2020 collection "Tropical Pyramids" released this week, serving us a fresh perspective on Ancient Egypt through abstract expressionism. Bridging cultures and ideas, this week's drop focuses on modern interpretations of Ancient Egypt's hieroglyphs. Crafted in Italy, the hieroglyph transform into patterns that combine the iconic CLOT logo, representing a merge of the past and present. Celebrating CLOT's latest fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture and attitudes, the brand takes both literal and abstract approaches to its design language, exploring the use of hieroglyphs with CLOT's penchant for experimentation.

Some of Ancient Egypt's greatest mysteries are hidden behind elegant pictorial scriptures - the hieroglyphs. The Rosetta Stone was a key to interpreting the figurative meanings behind the intricate symbols. CLOT deciphers these visual codes by breaking down the hieroglyphics to its very essence, further exploring the theme of metaphysical concepts and their higher consciousness. Spiritual beliefs were often expressed through symbols, tying the physical to the spiritual in everyday life.

Fusing the past with the present, the brand rediscovers forgotten ideologies through a bevvy of casual silhouettes like hoodies, sweatpants, graphic tees and accessories. The Hieroglyphic motifs reference the Rosetta Stone - a clue to understanding the Egyptian's state of higher consciousness - now depicted in an all-over print. The graphic T-shirts feature Egyptian symbols that have been rendered into abstract shapes, creating new meanings within the noise. Through the obscurity, CLOT's iconic logo can be found - a symbolic message tying the past to the future.

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