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A Family Affair: Perks & Mini

A Family Affair: Perks & Mini

Before founding Perks And Mini two decades ago, Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach found each other. The husband and wife team hailing from Melbourne shared a love for art, and the brand name originated from a combination of their graffiti tags.

The inaugural collection from P.A.M. immediately caught the eye of Sarah Lerfel of Colette, and the legendary Parisian retailer introduced them to the rest of the world. The Tate has procured archival pieces from the duo for their collection, collaborations alongside industry royalty like Nike and Neighborhood came one after the other, and we had a few opportunities ourselves to create capsules together with the brand. 

With their Spring/Summer 2020 collection, P.A.M. brings the conceptually rich graphics and progressively detailed constructions to a variety of t-shirts, jackets, and accessories. Notable pieces include the Team Work Reversible Satin Jacket with lush embroidery, the tie-dyed D.N.A. Oversized Tee, and the Get Away Nylon Tote with the brand's signature all-over print. Pick your favorites from a curated selection of their latest release at JUICE K11 and online now.

Photos by: Perks And Mini, Hypebeast