JUICESTORE - Level Up Your Home Interior with BORNN
Level Up Your Home Interior with BORNN

Level Up Your Home Interior with BORNN

When it comes to lifestyle products, very few brands do it as well as BORNN. Through the blending and placement of unique colors on tableware and candles, BORNN brings an artisanal flavor into your home. BORNN was founded by Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston who were both born in Istanbul, Turkey. Throughout their lives they have been to locations such as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Barcelona where they learned about different cultures and craftsmanship. Their multicultural experiences culminated in the founding of BORNN where they use traditional manufacturing techniques to create artisanal pieces that fit in a fashionable, modern home. BORNN's pieces are hand-crafted, and it is clear to see the level of detail they put into their products. Plates, cups and teapots have beautiful and deep base colors with complimentary streaks of paint cut across the enamel. BORNN is known for their striking tableware, and their visual designs are well renowned.

Each BORNN piece combines colors in unique ways - such as mixing colors in a tie dye pattern, or utilizing paint splatter in an "Action Painting" style. Not only do BORNN products stand out with it's visual appeal, but each serve a function as well. The soft and playful designs that appear on BORNN's products are a reflection of their creativity, which is flexed even further in the candle wax scents they choose. Soy candles made to smell like "Dud Wood" and "Vanilla Tobacco" might make a few customers raise their eyebrows. While most people who read these may not be able to conjure the smell of these candles, it is a light vapor that hovers lightly in the room it is lit in.

Fired in traditional kilns, each BORNN enamelware is exposed to varied heat intensities which impacts their color hues. Through using the traditional method of crafting enamel, BORNN creates products with unique beauty. As patterns and color differ on each product, it gives them a one-of-one character.

BORNN is available Online, at JUICE Causeway Bay and at JUICE K11