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Newest Arrivals This Week at JUICE!

Newest Arrivals This Week at JUICE!

This week at JUICE we have a variety of collections coming in this week, featuring vintage collections for this Fall/Winter 2020 season. JUICE has made it an ideal to provide only the most hype in Japanese streetwear, in this case READYMADE and Saint Michael have released the brand’s newest collections that provide a mix of vintage aesthetic and streetwear style. 

READYMADE for this season plans to release a unique garment that comes in a striking, bright red colorway, with white and off-white decals. Garnering the world-renowned paisley design, the silhouette was put together using the founder’s, Yuta Hosokawa, vintage pieces. Look out for more pieces from READYMADE in the future, and check out past collections here 

This winter season Saint Michael has decided to release more homely-vintage aesthetics as dual founders Cali Thornhill DeWitt and Yuta Hosokawa create two unrepeatable pieces in limited quantities. The first piece features a hoodie in a beautiful orange colorway which gathers the design of the Virgin Mary, the second piece comprises a blue sweatpant, with the word ‘saint’ a top of what seems to be the shoe of the ancient greek god Hermes. Both pieces have attributes of their previous release which consist of newer discoloration and distortion techniques to emulate that vintage style. 

Both brands are available at JUICE Causeway Bay and online at!