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Prayers Answered - The Return of Ignored Prayers

Prayers Answered - The Return of Ignored Prayers

Like many brands today, Ignored Prayers was very much forged from the flames of the internet, the only difference is that it came from a time before social media took off.

What began as a passion project for HUF creative alumni Scott Tepper to share content and ideas with close friends eventually became a full-fledged brand in 2016 after serving as a virtual gathering space for years. Since then, they have worked with both industry veterans and other local Los Angeles collectives, from COMME des GARÇONS to No Kill LA. They have also continued their efforts to spotlight creatives in their showcase magazine, SEASONAL DEPRESSION. The latest issue featured the likes of Hammer, Brian Procell, and others.

After a hiatus from creating new products, Ignored Prayers is back with a collection of synesthesia inspired drop filled with literary references. Find your inspiration and browse selected pieces from the collection at JUICE Causeway Bay, K11 MUSEA and online now.

Photos by: Ignored Prayers, Union Los Angeles, DEERDANA, Samuel Fung /CLOT