SLAM Magazines' SLAM Summer Classic Vol 3 - Sponsored by CLOT

SLAM Magazines' SLAM Summer Classic Vol 3 - Sponsored by CLOT

The 14th of August 2021 saw the official SLAM Magazine tournament aptly named the SLAM Summer Classic Vol 3 which was meant to be held in New York, Manhattan's Dyckman Park - which has seen many notable games/tournaments held on the legendary battle ground. The games included a regional girls & boys, as well as a national girls & boys game. The SLAM Summer Classic has become a staple in New York and is almost synonymous with basketball culture in the big apple. CLOT is proud to announce its sponsorship in this year's SLAM Summer Classic Vol 3 event, showing the love and respect for the sport that has heavily been ingrained in CLOT's DNA.

The sponsorship includes CLOT's own designs with its creations being displayed on t-shirts and court jerseys in both 'Black' and 'White' colorways, all imprinted with the world-renowned CLOT branding. The 'White' t-shirts ingrain CLOT's iconic Silk Royale imprint design onto a bold SLAM Magazine typeface in orange.

The SLAM Summer Classic jersey's designed to be worn on the court, for both the girls and boys teams, are offered in colorways of 'Black' and 'White' with the 'Black' jersey sporting the CLOT Silk Royale imprint on the uniform's sleek and simple grey squad number, printed in large on the back and small on the front. The 'White' jersey displays a similar design but is adorned on a stylish orange squad number instead. Both colorways display CLOT's influential logo branding on the left shoulder - alongside one of the other sponsors of the event and long-time CLOT collaborator; Nike.

This years edition has been one of the most anticipated basketball tournament this summer, with the previous Vol 2. taking place in 2019 prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. The tournament has been a springboard to a number of future players in the NBA, most notable tournament alumni is this years 2nd overall pick, Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets.

Take a look at the clothes CLOT designed below, worn by some of this year's SLAM Summer Classic Vol 3 contenders.